📩 The following case study is a real-world project I conducted. I do not work for, nor am I affiliated with the Busan Gukje Art Street organization. This UX case study was a valuable learning experience for me to solve the real-life problem of the unique offline marketplace and make it better. In addition, some of the painting images used are copyrighted by Hyunjoo Im, the Art Street artist, who I interviewed and allowed me to present for this self-initiated project.

Project Brief


Product Thinking

UI/UX Design

UX Research


May - July 2022

(12 Weeks)


Solo Student Project


The Context

Busan Gukje Art Street is a local art marketplace run by Busan Street of Arts group, and was introduced in April 2005. With the aim of "The Korean Montmartre, this valuable place has contributed immensely to promote culture and art in the city. In order to support Busan artists, the organization has provided them with booth space at an affordable price for their healthy work environment where each artist is occupied to showcase and sell their art.

The Problem

Art Street visitors struggle to find the unique offline market experience where provides opportunities to explore the local artworks at firsthand and face-to-face communication with the artists.

The Challenge

Design a fascinating self-guided app specifically designed for the visitors to enhance the overall in-store market flow.

The Solution

ArtStreet aims to help their visitors have an engaging and personalized art market experience with the help of an AI photo recognition tool. It also seeks to streamline the buying process when directly reaching out to the artist, reducing their communication gap.

Reasons for Mobile Solution